Vallantica is the conference centre that offers the best audio/video equipment at the service of the conference sector.

The Vallantica conference centre is designed not only to be an attractive location to hold conferences and events, but also to offer the best technical audio/video equipment for the conference sector. Today, services such as audio amplification with microphones, full event recording and the possibility of live streaming are widespread requirements in the conference and educational sector. From large international conferences to private training courses, companies, professionals and institutions increasingly require advanced audio/video recording and broadcasting services. For this reason, all the halls of the Vallantica conference centre are equipped with a minimum level of technology that allows: - perfect audio with microphones - audio/video recording - audio/video editing - use of flip charts - projections on LCD screens (connected to PC) - video conferences with ISDN ADL technology - simultaneous interpreting

For larger events and more complex needs

The Vallantica conference centre is equipped with numerous additional high-tech equipment, including: - three cameras in the Canova room, positioned at different strategic points of the room for a comprehensive field of view - 2 video projectors in the Canova room - a modern and well-equipped control room, to accommodate events of different types and different requests from the organisers.