A stone's throw from Rome, you will find an enchanting venue that is perfect for hosting your events

Vallantica is an enchanting, practical and convenient conference centre, the ideal venue for conventions and corporate events.
A PRIVILEGED POSITION Vallantica is a conference centre in Umbria which, thanks to its privileged position, can serve a large area of central Italy. Read more about distances and parking

The rooms in the conference centre

The Vallantica Conference Centre has 4 rooms with different capacities, capable of holding from a minimum of 10/20 to a maximum of 220 people, meeting different needs in terms of space and cost. Furthermore, each room can be organised according to the specific needs of the organisers, as regards the arrangement and type of tables and chairs, and can be set out in any layout: theatre-style, desks, horseshoe etc...


The Canova room is the largest and most prestigious in the Vallantica Conference Centre, characterised by impressive architecture and a capacity for over two hundred seats. The Canova conference room is the ideal place for large conferences and cultural events but also concerts, exhibitions and fashion shows.


The Perseo room is the most versatile at the Vallantica Conference Centre. Equipped with a large vaulted ceiling and capable of seating up to two hundred, it can be set up for any kind of event, from conferences to parties.


The Dedalo room is the smallest at the Vallantica Conference Centre: a harmonious, impressive environment for small and medium-sized events with a capacity of about fifty people. This room is perfect for hosting seminars, workshops and business events, but also for family celebrations and corporate parties.


The Icaro room is the smallest at the Vallantica Conference Centre: an intimate, welcoming environment, suitable for private meetings, small conferences or refreshments for about 30 people, with a magnificent panoramic view and access out onto the terrace. This room is generally used in combination with the adjacent Dedalo room, for events divided into two different environments.

Conference centre services

The Vallantica Conference Centre offers the best in terms of set-ups, technology and catering for the conference sector in Umbria. The variety of furnishings, the cutting-edge technology and the catering service offered by the in-house restaurant are able to meet any requirements when it comes to organising large conferences and important corporate events. Even those coming from large cities like Rome will find the best conference services at the Vallantica Conference Centre, worthy of a great metropolis but nestled in the enchanting natural Umbrian scenery.


The characteristics of the Vallantica Conference Centre make it the perfect venue for any type of corporate and non-corporate event. The excellent acoustics of the Canova room makes it ideal for concerts. The smaller rooms are perfect for workshops, conferences and small training courses, while the hotel, the wellness centre and the immense outdoor space surrounding the venue in the form of the vineyards and hills of Umbria, make Vallantica much more than a Conference Centre. It is also the ideal place for inventive stays and for organising corporate team building events for companies from all over central Italy, in particular Umbria and Perugia, Lazio and Rome. Find out more about the events you can organise at Vallantica.